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Repulsive Regurgitation Zine

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ISBN 978-967-13220-0-0

Limited to only 230 copies (115 with 'Burnt' cover, 115 with 'Repulsive Guy' cover), this zine (or more like, BOOK) is packed with interviews and photos from 50 bands/distros/labels! All the work of the legend himself, Epul! Limited copies for sale of my 'Burnt' cover version. This 1st issue was later repressed but pick up one of these O.G. first press versions and claim you were there from the start!

Postage within Australia is $8, anyone interested in ordering from overseas please contact me and I will get a quote (and expect it to cost something ridiculous!!). As always, happy to arrange pick-up where possible!

From Noise Monger Records:

First Press

Title: Repulsive Regurgitation
Catalog No.: NOIS23P
Format: Fanzine, Perfect-Bounded Book
Release Date: March 2015 (1st pressings)
Genre / Style: Grindcore / Stenchcore / Crust / Noisecore / Death Metal

Massive issue containing 50 interviews of bands, label and distro runner, writer and editor; such as members of Carcass, Napalm Death, Agathocles, Warsore, Hellexist, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Albert Mudrian, Nuclearalcoholocaust Records, to name a few. Total cut and paste layout, 200++ pages, perfect bounded book format, weight 525 grams without packaging, A4 size (200mm x 700mm), comes with 2 cover art versions, entitled "Burnt" (left) and "Repulsive Guy" (right side in the photo). "