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Melbourne Melodies CD-R

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Melbourne Melodies compilation CD-R

42 minutes of grind, noise and CHUD from Australia's stupidity capital!

Hand-assembled, housed in paper sleeves with clear window. 50 copies taken to NSW for the Melbourne invasion at Lotsofbands 2017 in Newcastle. A whopping four CDs sold and the leftover copies made the 10 hour drive back to Melbourne.

All exclusive recordings, no extra copies will be made. BUY NOW CRY LATER (once you press 'play').


ESP Mayhem - Compulsion
ESP Mayhem - Desperate Pigs
ESP Mayhem - Verklempt
ESP Mayhem - Cop Reality
ESP Mayhem - You Can't Trust Me
Conepuncher - Fubel Etch
Spew Balloon - Spew Balloon
Spew Balloon - Bird Shit Sandwich
Spew Balloon - Float'N'Bloat
Spew Balloon - Slug Infested Foreskin
Yendo Bruuc - 6+ Minutes To The Local Tip
Derailment - Choke
Derailment - Nuclear Option
Freezing Fog - CII / CI