Displeasing Designs

DGAF Rat Tee

24.95 AUD / In stock.

What says 'IDGAF' more than a rat drinking a beer, smoking a durry and flipping the bird? Not much! Adorn yourself with this stylish garment and show the world that you are in touch with your spirit animal.

One big ol' beer swillin', durry puffin', bird flippin', no-fuck givin' rat on the front. Nothing on the back.

Printed in a Health Inspector-condemned kitchen on white AS Colour Staple tees. Can be printed on ladies tees too, leave a note at checkout if you want that.

Shipping within Australia is $8 for the first shirt and $1 for each additional shirt. International shipping is $15 for the first, and $2 for each additional.

If ordering from outside Australia, please take a look at my Storenvy store, as you will be able to order a US printed version and save yourself some money on shipping.